How quickly a site is going to open would depend not only on the Internet connection of the customer, but also on the connectivity of the server where the website is hosted and on the network infrastructure - routers, server network card, etc. Slow connection or hardware that cannot handle a high volume of inbound and outbound traffic could have strong influence on the consumer experience of your website visitors and the performance of your site since people will most probably see error messages that the website isn't available or it shall take some time for your content to load. In case this sort of a thing happens, it is not likely that the site visitors shall revisit the website. That is why you have to always confirm the connectivity of any hosting machine that you obtain and not only the main hardware components which include hard drive, central processing unit and physical memory.
Server Network Hardware in Dedicated Web Hosting
The Linux dedicated web hosting that we offer incorporate gigabit network cards that are tested alongside all other hardware parts before and after any new machine is built so as to make sure that we will never use a faulty part which could cause an issue sooner or later. We also take advantage of the most up-to-date hardware for our internal network inside the Chicago data center where we offer the dedicated plans. That includes routers, switches and hardware firewalls which can certainly cope with huge incoming and outbound traffic to any hosting machine, while any traffic which is not legitimate will be blocked and shall not consume your system resources. The constant access to the facility is made sure by using redundant backbone Internet providers. By doing this we ensure the fast and secure connection to all of our hosting servers, so your websites and apps shall be operational at top speed all the time.